Southern Pine Beetle Information Center

Southern Pine Beetle Information Center

Welcome to the Southern Pine Beetle Information Center. The southern pine beetle (SPB) is a pest of pine trees most commonly associated with the southern United States. More information about this insect’s native range, biology, and preferred hosts can be found in the Publications section.

Historical Data

SPB is considered a pulse eruptive insect herbivore that often causes significant ecological and economic damage during outbreak years. There have been frequent, severe, and widespread SPB outbreaks in the last half of the 20th century throughout the Southeast, however, recent SPB activity has been localized and short-lived – see the Historical Data section for a better understanding of SPB population fluctuations.

SPB Prediction

Each year SPB populations are monitored through a spring trapping system and the trapping results are used to better predict areas where outbreaks may occur during the upcoming months.

Current Outbreak Status

Current outbreak status for the current year in the Southern U.S. and Around the Globe are also available.

SPB Prevention

SPB outbreaks are best managed through forest management activities that reduce individual tree stress and improve the overall forest structure. These activities, such as thinning, prescribed fire, and planting less susceptible tree species, are described on the SPB prevention tab.

Local Contacts

More local information about SPB can also be obtained through the USDA Forest Service or State Forest Health Specialists – see contacts.

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